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Servicing / Repair shop

Servicing / Repair shop

We offer servicing and repairs for all car brands. Including servicing new cars during the warranty period.

We secure all warranties of the vehicle as normal. The block exemption regulation by the European Union enables our shop to offer our customers a service that fully meets the requirements of car manufacturers, but at a very affordable price.

We can also fill an electronic service book for your car.

We offer all types of servicing and repairs for chassis (including air-springed chassis). We offer brake repairs for mechanic, hydraulic and electrical problems.
We are an authorised shop for installing Eberspächer and Webasto products. Installing supplementary heaters requires special expertise due to the bus technology used in new cars. Heater control can be implemented either by a timer, remote control or phone control.
It is recommended to re-fill the AC system every 2 years, because approximately 5% to 10% of the refrigerant evaporates out of the system every year. An AC system that is not full increases fuel consumption and may not efficiently cool the indoor air on a warm weather. Scarce refrigerant may also cause the AC system components to wear faster, as the system has to work harder to achieve the same level of cooling. We also offer disinfection of the AC unit to remove bacterial growth and odours from the system.
You should replace your timing belt on time to avoid damage to the engine caused by a broken timing belt. In fact, replacing the timing belt is the single most important maintenance to do on your car! We have the special tools needed for almost all models.
We can check up your car and measure its emissions prior to inspection and, if you wish, we can also take your car to the inspection. We do not charge extra for taking your car to the inspection.
Have you noticed that vehicles nowadays have new types of sensors and detectors, such as cameras and radars? They enable functions such as adaptive cruise control and lane assist. These cars are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Servicing and repairing vehicles equipped with ADAS systems requires extra attention. For these vehicles, the ADAS system needs to be re-calibrated after certain types of maintenance and repairs. These include, for example, aligning the wheels, replacing the windscreen, and replacing chassis joints, suspension arms, dampers, etc. We calibrate radars and cameras for all car brands and models. We use the Bosch DAS 3000 calibration and adjustment device, which ensures highly accurate and fast calibration results. Calibrations of safety systems – Safety matters Cars today come with so many new technologies, such as advanced safety systems based on camera techniques. Examples of these include rain sensors, adaptive headlights, distance sensors and advanced emergency braking systems (AEBS) that use the camera, radar, LiDAR and ultrasonic sensors of the vehicle. It is essential for traffic safety to ensure the functioning of these systems. Calibration of the windscreen camera Modern windscreens come with a lot of technology, such as cameras and rain sensors. When the windscreen has been replaced, it has to be re-calibrated to ensure proper functioning of the cameras, sensors and other systems integrated to the screen. Calibration of distance sensors A distance sensor is one of the sensors frequently installed on modern cars. It is worthwhile to inspect the functioning of the sensors and calibrate them, as it is the only way to ensure they are working as they should. Calibration when replacing the windscreen When changing the windscreen, we professionally and reliably calibrate the windscreen camera, sensors and distance sensors. Calibration ensures that the sensors are working as intended by the car manufacturer. See videos on YouTube: Bosch radar sensors for assisted and automated driving Bosch front video camera for assisted and automated driving
We install devices such as tow hitches, heaters and parking sensors.
Your car needs four-wheel alignment if it feels restless while driving, the tyres wear unevenly on the edges, parts of the chassis have been replaced or the vehicle is pulling to one side. A well-done four-wheel alignment improves the drivability of the car, increases safety, reduces tyre wear and saves fuel.
OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is an internal monitoring system of the vehicle that monitors the commands of the engine control unit and responses to these commands. OBD measurements survey the functioning of this monitoring system based on its own recorded data. OBD measurements during a vehicle inspection are required for all petrol cars introduced in 2001 or newer.
Stones chipped off the pavement, sand from sanding or studs fallen off of studded tyres are a threat to car windscreens. When a stone or stud hits the windscreen and causes a chip, it can easily cause the glass to break together with the fluctuations in windscreen tension. A chipped windscreen reduces the safety of the car, especially in collision and rollover situations, and should therefore be replaced immediately. In modern cars, the windscreen is an important part of the safety system. It is a vital part of the car's durable frame. The windscreen influences how the car is reshaped upon collision or rollover.
Measuring the emissions is part of a vehicle inspections, and it can be performed prior to the actual inspection. We provide a certificate of exhaust gas measurement approved by the inspection centre, eliminating the need for measuring emissions during the inspection. We do emission measurements for both new and old cars.
Modern cars are complex machines controlled by multiple computers and control units. Nearly all functions, from dosing fuel to locking doors, are electronically controlled. Sometimes these systems develop faults. The fault may not seem like a big deal but, for safety reasons, should be taken seriously. We use professional technicians and several types of diagnostics equipment.
We can read fault codes using generic testers by Bosch and Autocom as well as brand testers by Volvo, Opel, VW and Mercedes.
We perform oil changes using high-quality oils that meet the requirements and guidelines of engine manufacturers. We do Mobil Express engine oil changes. We do automatic transmission oil changes using the new SPIN ATF 4000 oil-changing machine that also enables thorough flushing of the transmission system with detergents.
We install and calibrate Dräger alcolocks.